Home Automation

If you could use your phone to control anything in your house, would you...

Turn up the spa heater so it is ready when you pull in the driveway?
Check your college student is home safe in bed?
Turn off all the lights that the grandkids left on downstairs?
Confirm that the outside doors are locked, and then start the dishwasher, as you lay in bed?

Your life really can be this easy and convenient, and we can make it happen seamlessly. We can design an automation system that not only enhances your lifestyle, but also fits your budget.

Our automation designs start and end with you.

Before we do anything, we spend time getting to know what is important to you. What security features would give you the most peace of mind? Would a one-touch control to turn on lights and lower blinds make your life easier? Would it delight you to be able to play your favorite music in the master bath? The possibilities to create a luxurious and simplified lifestyle are endless. And, keep in mind, your phone is not the only option for a control panel. We can do a wall mount screen, set-up your tablet and/or your computer, or all of the above. We are proud to be a platinum distributor for the innovative Control4, the company that brought affordable automation to the residential market.

Our goal is to create a seamless solution that will thrill and delight you and your family. We use only the best products, make sure our installs are as clean and unobtrusive as possible, and provide all the support you need. From a thorough walk-through of your newly automated home to how-to guides to answering questions to troubleshooting.

Whether you are doing a new build or want to retrofit your existing home, we can give you the luxury lifestyle that only a custom automation system can provide.