Home Automation

If you could use your phone to control anything in your house, would you...

Turn up the spa heater so it is ready when you pull in the driveway?
Check your college student is home safe in bed?
Turn off all the lights that the grandkids left on downstairs?
Confirm that the outside doors are locked, and then start the dishwasher, as you lay in bed?

Your life really can be this easy and convenient, and we can make it happen seamlessly. We can design an automation system that not only enhances your lifestyle, but also fits your budget.

Our automation designs start and end with you.

Before we do anything, we spend time getting to know what is important to you. What security features would give you the most peace of mind? Would a one-touch control to turn on lights and lower blinds make your life easier? Would it delight you to be able to play your favorite music in the master bath? The possibilities to create a luxurious and simplified lifestyle are endless. And, keep in mind, your phone is not the only option for a control panel. We can do a wall mount screen, set-up your tablet and/or your computer, or all of the above. We are proud to be a platinum distributor for the innovative Control4, the company that brought affordable automation to the residential market.

Our goal is to create a seamless solution that will thrill and delight you and your family. We use only the best products, make sure our installs are as clean and unobtrusive as possible, and provide all the support you need. From a thorough walk-through of your newly automated home to how-to guides to answering questions to troubleshooting.

Whether you are doing a new build or want to retrofit your existing home, we can give you the luxury lifestyle that only a custom automation system can provide.


Control4 is the company that made home automation affordable a decade ago. With 30 years in the automation business, their controllers are the most robust available. One unit has the horsepower to handle all your home devices of any size or scope.

Easily accommodates multi-phase upgrade plans.

Control4 is ready to be linked to your smart phone or tablet.


Crestron controllers come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your decor. They can be mounted anywhere: flush to a hall wall, outside by the pool, in furniture such as night table or a coffee table. They are intuitive, reliable, and versatile.

Crestron controls can be connected to your smart phone or tablet.

Your life. Simple, easy, and luxurious. We can make it happen.

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Luxury Benefits

Coming & Going Log

With a timestamp log for your garage door and your house doors, you can always see went someone has entered or left the house.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight

One touch and you can lock the doors, close the blinds, turn off lights and the fireplace, turn on the dishwasher, set the alarm, and then sleep peacefully.

Perfect Volume

Never miss a phone call or a buzz from the driveway gate when you're watching a movie. Your integrated home will pause the action so you can connect with people, and then resume when you're ready.

Design Tips

Automation requires a wireless system that is reliable and can communicate with a variety of devices, without drop-out or packet loss. This allows your control commands to work instantly, every time.

Because the control panel is in charge of everything, it is not necessary to purchase all smart home devices.

Home security is not only about keeping intruders out. It includes keeping the people inside safe by monitoring the detection of smoke, excessive heat and carbon monoxide.