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We create home entertainment experiences that are second to none.  

What’s our secret?

The highest quality components and a custom system plan that is engineered for the specifications of your space. And everything can be wirelessly operated from a Control4 panel on the wall, linked to your phone, your tablet, your computer or all of them.

Our process is simple. After talking with you, our next step is always to make a detailed plan. The shape of the room, the height of the ceiling, the placement of doors or windows, the ventilation options, the seat height and risers, and the options for placing everything. Then we select the components that will work best for your needs. You approve the design and the budget, and we adhere to the specification details to do a professional (clean and unobtrusive) install. As a final sign-off, we’ll go through a complete demo of your state-of-the-art home cinema. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions that you have before, during, or after the install.

5 minutes.

That’s all we need to show you the jaw-dropping cinema experience we can create with the right combination of components, perfectly assembled for the space available. Just stop by our showroom on Red Hills Parkway.


A high dynamic range and a bright picture creates realistic video images that immerse you in the story. Sony soundbars provide clear multi-channel sound and powerful bass (on a wireless subwoofer) that bring to life dialog, music and effects.


A/V experts and home cinema enthusiasts around the world rave about Integra. The audio experience they provide is flawless. Their high-end components are groundbreaking when it comes to system integration and multi-zone expansion.

Your life. Simple, easy, and luxurious. We can make it happen.

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Luxury Benefits

Stand on the Runway

Before you see the airplane flying overhead, you will hear it behind you, the roar of the engines as it flys over you, and the quiet rumble as it moves away from you.

Feel Zero Gravity

A widescreen, panoramic view of the earth and suddenly you feel yourself floating in the vast recesses of space.

Watch the Wide-eyed Wonder

Your children can fly on dragons or hear the pistons all around them in a madcap, chicken pie machine.

Design Tips

The best design for sound isolation might be a room within a room, or building staggered stud walls, or using a hat channel system to soundproof the cinema.

Because they generate heat and noise, it is best to place the main audio and video components outside of the cinema room.

Plan for at least a 2-inch depth on the finished walls and ceiling to be used for acoustic treatments. Place them properly to absorb, diffuse, and balance the room's sound.