Like a double chocolate brownie ice cream sundae
for your eyes

When we watch TV at home we demand sensational picture quality, realism, and no motion blur. If this is what you expect from a video viewing experience, we are your team.

We’ll create a mouthwatering video system for you.

We’ll help you select the right equipment. Check your room for optimum placement: measure for the best viewing angle, while making sure foot traffic is at a minimum in front of the screen. We’ll confirm your space will accommodate the equipment and/or mounting, as well as the connections you need. Our installs are quick, clean and unobtrusive so you won’t miss enjoying any time with your friends and family.

Control4 centralized command systems are also available for your video system. It can be linked to your phone, tablet or computer. The best part is that Control4 is easily expandable to home cinema and home automation applications if you want to install upgrades in phases.


From flat panel displays to video walls, Runco is known for their cutting edge performance. Their video components provide commercial-grade reliability and performance. They are slim, energy-efficient, and reject sunlight.

Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen has been recognized and honored with more awards than any other manufacturer. They produce a completely seamless, professional projector screen that is customized to the specs and requirements of each project. Whether it’s fixed frame or retractable, the experts at Stewart screens always deliver an outstanding viewing experience.

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Luxury Benefits

Sit in the Stadium

By eliminating motion blur, you'll see the action of your favorite teams like you are sitting on the field.

Be good to your eyes

Big screens are actually better on your eyes. No kidding. A larger screen takes up more of your field of vision so your eyes don't strain as much against the lower light areas around the screen.

Live it

Fearsome Bengal tigers, phosphorescent whales, looming dinosaurs. With HD and a properly placed screen, you'll be in the middle of the action .

Design Tips

Many devices are 20" deep or more. It's best to plan for at least 24" of depth in the equipment space.

A/V gear produces lots of heat. Having proper ventilation and cooling fans is a must.

Wherever possible, audio and video equipment should be on a dedicated circuit.